June 22, 2010, 3:33:00 AM

Review: Hema Matte Top Coat

Hi guys! Today's post will most likely only interest you if you're from The Netherlands or Belgium.. A while ago the Dutch store called Hema released a matte top coat. I know a lot of people prefer buying from brick and mortar stores, so I can imagine a lot of people were very delighted with the arrival of this top coat! I did a comparison of matte top coats a while ago, but today I will discuss this particular one.

How about it?

What's really making me happy, is the price. This top coat costs only €2.50 for 11ml. The price is comparable to the P2 Matte Top Coat. But I think it's so much better! Where the P2 top coat leaves a satin finish, the Hema top coat does a great job at mattifying. It still isn't as matte as China Glaze's Matte Magic or Essie's Matte About You, but it's definitely more matte than satin. And not totally unimportant: the application is superb, it's easily applied since it's not thick or streaky. I even prefer it over Matte Magic, since that one thickened up so fast. It will start to wear down around the edges after a day or 2/3, but for this price, I'm not complaining!

The transformation from gloss to matte isn't as fast as I'm used to, but it's doing a great job nonetheless. In the picture below you can see the effect the Hema Matte Top Coat has on several types of finishes. Not bad huh?

Hema cosmetics are also cruelty free, big plus. I don't even know if Essie's Matte About You still is, since Essie is owned by L'Oreal these days..
This top coat will be in stores till the 4th of October this year, so if you're planning on picking one up, please make sure you do this before this date!

Have you tried this top coat? What are your thoughts?