June 23, 2010, 2:24:00 PM

Wicked Website: CND's Nail Style Gallery & LookBook

Every now and then I stumble upon a website I really like. Usually I just bookmark them, and that's that, but I figured I might as well share the stuff you might be interested in!

Creative Nail Design

CND, or Creative Nail Design, is a family-run company that makes nail polish, skin care, and nail care products. A lot of you are probably already familiar with the brand, but if you're not, you might have heard about their Cuticle Eraser, Shellac or the nail art they did for the Ruffian Fashion Show, the reversed moon mani. But the Ruffian manicure isn't the only great design they came up with. CND states that nails are the ultimate fashion accessories, and looking at the increasing popularity of nail polish and beyond, they might be right!

Inspiration Injection

In fact, they've got an entire section on their website with some really hot nail art designs. You can browse through the Nail Style Gallery, where you can find tons of very modern designs grouped by style: from Fancy Flirt to Global Chic. There's also a LookBook with images of their runway looks.

So, if you happen to like their style and you're feeling a bit uninspired, don't hesitate to take a peek!

visit the lookbookvisit the nail style gallery

images are property of CND