June 20, 2010, 5:52:00 PM

Essence The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Makeup Collection for Summer 2010

Normally I don't really post news regarding upcoming collections, because I'm aaaalways the last to find out and I don't want to be redundant. I don't think this collection has gotten too much attention yet, so I wanted to let you know about Essence's upcoming summer collection: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Makeup Collection.

This collection doesn't really strike me as a typical summer collection but I'm all up for dark colors! I'm pretty sure a lot of Twilight fans would embrace these products as well, really clever marketing ;-). The collection is Limited Edition and will be in stores between July and August. Hopefully this line will be available in The Netherlands too! - This collection isn't coming to The Netherlands either..

I know a lot of you probably are mostly interested in nail polish, but these other products look pretty cool too! For instance, baked eyeshadow by Essence, can't wait!

Duo Baked Eyeshadow

"For those unforgettable moments when a mysterious look can determine everything. The versatile duo baked eyeshadow with its unique texture can be applied dry or moist – depending on the desired intensity – and guarantees and exciting eye make-up effect. Available in 3 color combinations."

Glitter Eye Pencil

"A seductive shimmer to make your eyes shine. With a sponge applicatior to create magical smokey eyes, the glitter eye pencil is the perfect finishing touch for your awesome Twilight make-up. Available in 2 mysteriously dark shades."

Shimmer Powder

"A silvery sparkle that makes your face and body shine like Alice Cullen in the sunlight. The Essence make-up collection shimmer powder is an absolute must-have for fateful summer nights.

Lip Gloss

"Intoxicating red, deep black and the crimson colors of sunset – the romantic Essence make-up collection lip gloss is super-seductive with fascinating metallic effects and a beguiling scent. Available in 4 colors."

Nail Polish

"Enchanting shades ranging from the gentle grey of the moonlight to intense, fateful red conjure the colors of twilight to your nails and touch your senses. Guaranteed to last until dawn – and much longer! Available in 5 colors."

What are your thoughts on this collection? Passe or perfect?

Honestly, I think these polishes are a bit dull.. nothing we haven't seen before, but I'm curious to see the darkest of the bunch. I'm also interested in the eyeshadows, I wonder how pigmented they are, can't wait to find out!

And on a more personal note: yes, I haven't been posting at all last week. Sometimes life just gets in the way ;-). I also got a lot of emails so I didn't really had the time for blogging.. If you still haven't gotten a reply, please bear with me!

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