February 20, 2010, 9:33:00 AM

Yeah baby! Giveaway time!

I made it to 250 followers! *Does happy dance*. Like I said I appreciate and love you guys so much! I'd never expected to find such a warm and welcoming place. And now I can finally thank you guys! Let's show you the goods: I'll be giving away 2 sets, one set a winner, so yes there will be 2 lucky winners!

The first set includes 4 great shades by H&M: Chicks Envy Me (a bright orangy red I actually like - this color doesn't look right in this photo), Fashionista, Liberty Girl, and the highly sought after Bella's Choice!

The second set includes 3 semi holo nail polishes, also by H&M: You Rock My World, Sinful Senorita and Mad About You. These are pretty awesome, the application is amazing. The holo effect is very subtle (unless you're walking on sunshine), but I think they're mega cute anyway. I'll try to swatch some of these any time soon.

I've added some photos for reference, these are swatched with my own nail polish. The nail polish that I'll send to the winners is brand new and never been used!

Bella's Choice
Chicks Envy Me

Ok, the rules!

1 - You have to be a follower of my blog
2 - Please enter your e-mail address along with your preference for set 1 (the 4 shades) or set 2 (the 3 semi holos).
3 - It doesn't matter where you live, entering is open for everyone!
4 - You can earn extra entries by:
    - Reposting this giveaway on your blog (feel free to use the pictures in this post!),
    - Following me on Twitter
    - Tweeting about it
If you do this, please let me know in your comment by showing me the URL's.
Note: You can only use these for extra entries if you follow my blog.
5 - You can enter till the 10th of March, 11:59pm - CET.
6 - Since I love you all so much, I'll let www.random.org decide who the lucky winners will be ;-).

I really hope you'll enjoy the items I gathered and if you choose to enter, good luck!!