February 23, 2010, 2:02:00 PM

Herome - New Delhi & Romika's Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Since my last post a lot of new readers have joined my blog, I was amazed! So welcome to all of you!

As some of you might already know, my mom has a blogs: Romika's Nails. At the moment she is having a great giveaway to celebrate her 100 followers. This giveaway includes some really beautiful polishes and nail care products by Herome, a Dutch brand. So please hurry on over there!

I also have some stuff by this brand, so I thought I'd show you one of the bunch Romika is giving away! This pretty baby is called New Delhi, and it belongs to the W.I.C. collection. W.I.C. stands for World Inspired Colors, all the polishes are named after big cities. No wonder their color selection is huge: check it out.

I really like the color I'm wearing, it's a dusty minty aqua green creme. It's definitely a hot color at the moment. I applied 2 coats for complete opacity. The formula was okay, a bit on the thick side but it worked out pretty well. For those who couldn't help themselves and went crazy during the Models Own sale: this one looks a bit like Slate Green, but a tad lighter and more yellow.

This was it for today, take care and till next time!