February 19, 2010, 6:17:00 PM

Models Own - Beth's Blue

Hi everone! How's everybody? I'm so excited! Almost 250 followers, that means I can almost unleash my giveaway upon you guys :-D. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get OPI Reflecting Pool, it's not in stores here anymore, I was so surprised! But I think I managed to come up with some nice stuff anyway! Well, you'll see it soon enough ;-).

Today I'm wearing Beth's Blue by Models Own, another great pastel creme. The name's suggesting it's a true blue, but it has a hint of lavender to it, which I really love by the way. The formula was okay, a bit on the thick side, but nothing I can't handle! The only issue you might have with these nail polishes, is that they're not 3free. But then again, some of my prettiest nail polishes aren't..
This color was completely opaque in 2 thin coats, one thick coat would probably work too I think. I'm just loving these pastels at the moment, there's something so sweet and delicate to it.

Interested in this brand? Models Own recently started shipping internationally and they do accept PayPal. Their website is www.modelsownit.com (not affiliated).

Well this was it for today, thanks for reading and till next time!