February 18, 2010, 1:01:00 AM

OPI - You Don't Know J*cques - Suede

Hi guys! How's everybody doing? I hope fine! As you can see I've changed my blog a bit, that's just me, I get bored so easily with layouts and stuff like that :-). I've also added some pages, so all you ever wanted to know about me is up there now, yay. jk ;-). The FAQ page isn't there yet, because I really wanted to take the time to make it something worth reading. It will be up soon though :-).

Today I have another Suede by OPI to show you: You don't know Jacques. It looks nothing like the regular version, but I absolutely love it. I love how they've added a little bit more warmth to this taupe, it's almost glowy! And I need this little extra warmth, because my hands are the whitest out there (these photos do exaggerate it though ;-) ). This polish is packed with shimmer, which I simply admire, OPI did a really awesome job on creating these Suedes.

The application didn't cause me any problems, I do always have to rush applying mattes, otherwise it will get all streaky on me.

This is definitely my #1 pick if I have to meet with clients or stuff like that. I don't own that many 'worksafe' colors, what are your favorites?