February 16, 2010, 4:55:00 PM

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps - & Upcoming Giveaway!

Hi guys! Today I only have time for a short post, so here it goes! This probably is one of the prettiest nail polishes made! You all know her by now, but Ruby Pumps by China Glaze deserves all the attention she can get. I snatched this one from my moms Helmer, it's a beauty! Definitely a must have, so I'll have to get me one too! The formula was amazing, after 3 coats you'll have the most gorgeous red sparkly nails ever.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone so much for reading, commenting and supporting my blog, you've all made this blog a very warm and welcoming place to be for me. I've passed 200 followers last week, which I've never expected, not even in my wildest dreams! To thank you guys I'll do a giveaway when I hit the 250 mark. Think H&M nail polish! And probably some other stuff on which I haven't decided yet! Maybe OPI's Reflecting Pool since it's not that easy to find overseas? So please stay tuned for updates about this :-).

Take care and till next time!