July 19, 2010, 9:00:00 AM

Men & Nail Polish: Yay or Nay?

Did you know nail polish was invented for men? Chinese Emperors and Egyptian pharaos were the first to cover their nails with polish! Nowadays we're seeing more and more guys getting mani's, pedi's and wearing nail polish. Be it male models, footballplayers, rockstars, actors, YouTube make up gurus, your neighbor, you name it... it's definitely up and coming!

Badass brands like ManGlaze and BB Couture even came up with nail polish lines aimed at men.

Share your thoughts!

How do you feel about this? Something just for metaldudes, or is it for everyone? Would you date someone who likes to wear nail polish?

I myself wouldn't mind it for one bit! Isn't it a tad weird that we all strive for the equality of men and women, but men wearing nail polish or make up is still something that's being frowned upon?

If you happen to be a guy who likes to wear nail polish, please let us know your story!

image credits: The Sartorialist & onlineticketsusa (Marilyn Manson) & coveralia (Dave Navarro)