July 4, 2010, 5:57:00 PM

Kiko Cosmetics

Kiko Cosmetics

Hi everyone! Happy 4th of July to a lot of you! Today I'm discussing a nail polish by a brand that until recently was an undiscovered treasure: Kiko. Kiko Cosmetics is originally an Italian brand but you can now find their products in Germany and Spain as well. On our trip to Germany we visited a Kiko store. Little beats the heartbeat skip, color me impressed. The store and products look really sophisticated, almost Mac-like, yup! But... everything is extremely low budget! I stupidly forgot to hold on to the receipt, but we're talking only a few euros per product here.

I only got a nail polish and a baked eye shadow at the time, call me dazed and confused. I'm about to kick myself in the face for not buying more.

Kiko - 300 - Pearly Malachite Green

According to the label the polish doesn't have a name, but the website tells me it's called "Pearly Malachite Green". It's not really green though, I'd think I'd best describe it as a slight duochrome-y tealish blue with a turquoise shimmer. If you look closely you can even see tiny pieces of glitter dispersed throughout the polish. It is a bit frosty, but not to the point where it's bothering me. Application was a piece of cake, 3 thin layers and you're ready to rock this awesome color.
Kiko Nail Polish does not contain aggressive ingredients such as Toluene, Camphor, DBP, Formaldehyde or Styrene Acrylate. And everything by Kiko is cruelty free!

Kiko - Colour Sphere Eyeshadow

To illustrate how pretty their products are I decided to show you this Colour Sphere Eyeshadow. This is a baked eyeshadow, you can use it either dry or wet. The pigmentation is really good and they have quite a color selection. Oh why didn't I buy more?!
Click on the quick swatch on the left to see the bigger version.

What are your thoughts on this brand?

Visit www.kikocosmetics.com