July 5, 2010, 10:32:00 PM

ARTDECO - 275 - Sparkling Lilac


Crikey. Monday already. Everybody ready for a brand new week? Today I'm showing you another German gem I couldn't resist picking up: Sparkling Lilac (275) by ARTDECO. ARTDECO is a German brand but is sold throughout Europe and even Brazil and other exotic and faraway countries. In The Netherlands you can find this brand at Douglas stores.

This exceptional sparkly thing belongs to Glamour Noblesse Makeup Collection, ARTDECO's collection for last winter. In the bottle it's quite duochrome-y and this definitely shows up on the nail in certain lights. This is a glass flecked polish, not glitter, so no bumpy finish! I think it's super cool. The finish is actually reminding me a lot of those smashing new Zoyas.


What about 275's application? Less spectacular than its looks. The formula is a bit on the viscous side, but nothing unmanageable (yay for thinner). I applied 3 coats, 2 was almost enough though! Since I accidentally threw out my receipts that day, I'm not sure what the price tag is, but if I remember correctly ARTDECO polishes cost 5-7 EUR, which is not very cheap for 6ml.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
- Michèle