January 11, 2010, 7:43:00 AM

Claire's - Minty Mani

Hi everyone! Today's mani is one I don't particularly like. It's a mint green from Claire's, which I picked up at Claire's when I was looking for Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher is an almost dupe of Chanel's Jade, but it seems that it's not available in the Dutch Claire's :-(. The nail polish I got has no name or number whatsoever! So let's just call it Anonymous.

Anyway, mint green, well at least this one, is not for me. It really clashes with my skintone. I already suspected this, but wanted to try it nonetheless :-D. This was a 2 coater and the application wasn't good but not bad perse. But that's mainly because I used a different brush. The brush that comes with this polish is insanely big! Think OPI's wide brush times two. Don't really know what they were thinking..:-D. Well, thanks for reading and till next time!