January 12, 2010, 8:04:00 AM

BeYu - #381 - Glitter & Duochrome combined!

Today I'm sporting another Christmas present... there's no better gift in my book! ;-) Isn't she pretty? Meet BeYu #381, a blue-based duochrome. It's not a very obvious duochrome like the Nubars, but it is definitely there! It flashes purple and turquoise. The glitter could've been more chunky, but hey, duochrome AND glitter in one bottle? You don't hear me complain..

I believe BeYu is a German brand which is only available in Europe. They have a nice color selection and the formula is quite alright actually! The downside is: they're quite pricy. A bottle contains only 8ml and costs around 5.95 euro (around USD 8,60), so yeah, not so nice.

My nails are finally getting longer and at one length again :-D. A while ago I broke two of them and it took forever to grow them out, especially when you're telling them to grow every minute of the day :'). Well.. that's it for today, see you soon!