June 10, 2012, 12:30:00 PM

Lacquester — One night in Bangkok

Lacquester - One night in Bankok

Oh, hi ..!

I've been dormant for ages, and this probably won't a recurring thing, but this polish just needs a proper post. It really must have been years ago when I received a nail polish from Lacquester. Lacquester is a Dutch indie brand, run by Caroline from The Netherlands. What sets this brand apart are the very unique polishes. Lacquester creates all the stuff I like: holos, flakies, duochromes, the list juest goes on. It's safe to say I'm not as in touch with the nail polish trends as I used to be, but it seems like brands are not putting very surprising collections out there. Luckily, indie brands like this have taken off and they really do seem to know what us nail freaks like to see in polishes.

One night in Bangkok

So, when I was rummaging through some old photos I came across this swatch I never even knew I made. This is the color "One night in Bangkok". I've always been a sucker for color shifting, flakie polishes and this is no exception. The colors shift from orange to purple, to red, to violet, it just doesn't stop.


Application is awesome. It goes on smoothly, leaving no bumps as flakies always lay flat. You will need a decent base color before though, as I would categorize this more as a top coat. But it applied beautifully.

Not entirely unimportant: all Lacquester nail polishes are free from DBP, Formaldehyde, Formadehyde resin, Toluene and Camphor. I'm happy to say this brand is absolutely cruelty free as well🐰.

You can purchase this beauty directly from Lacquester, or via Color4Nails if you're in the US or Canada.