October 26, 2010, 4:08:00 PM

Exclusive: Chanel - Côte d'Azur Collection - Le Vernis Riva


The CHANEL Cruise Collection 2010 – 2011 opts for a carefree style and an outdoor fashion show under the magical light of Saint Tropez. Dropped off at the old port by a flotilla of Riva boats, the barefooted models strut down the catwalk as if taking a stroll after an afternoon at the beach, walking along the terrace of the legendary Sénéquier café. The free spirit and casual elegance of the Bardot years embrace check prints, delicate pink tweeds and loose hair.


The tender and savage sensuality of eternal Saint Tropez inspires Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, to create a playful Collection that flirts with the sun. A sprinkle of sand clinging to golden skin. A little pout under a straw hat, ready to break into a childish laugh. Summer on the Riviera returns to the innocent charm of the 70s with new interplays of light and ultra-contemporary beauty steps. This season, lips are adorned with ROUGE COCO in 4 soft, summery shades: Perlé, Chintz, Taffetas Rose and Sari Doré. In just one stroke, the smile dresses up in radiance. This playful spirit is accentuated down to the fingertips with LE VERNIS Riva, a pastel blue lacquer that hints at legendary check prints.

Côte d'Azur Collection

Hi guys! Chanel granted me with an exclusive preview of their Côte d'Azur Collection - well in The Netherlands, but it looks way cool! ;-) While Chanel Paradoxal is hands down the it color of the moment, there's already news about Chanel's beautiful upcoming collection: Côte d'Azur. On the runway there has been popping up a new baby blue pastel. It's really light, delicate and has that pure feel to it, from what I can tell.

LE VERNIS Riva - Effortless & Natural

Today I can finally tell you more about this new mysterious, delicate shade. First revealed on the runway in St. Tropez, this soft oceanic blue now has a name: Riva. Here is what Peter Philips says about this collection: “Effortless, natural beauty, relaxed girls who are enjoying their holidays. That was the main idea behind the look for this show.

I have to admit, when the first runway photos made their appearance, I wasn't really impressed by the idea of a pale blue pastel, but looking at the new released promo pictures, I'm definitely starting to feel more enthusiastic, especially the greenish hue and the shimmer look so pretty!

Le Vernis Riva, is going to cost €25 a bottle and will be going on sale December the 1st. This will be Limited Edition, so if you must have this polish, be sure to pick it up in time! Chanel Le Vernis Riva will be available exclusively at the CHANEL Fashion Boutiques. (Sometimes when they say this, they do pop up at www.chanel.com, so fingers crossed!) Expect swatches soon!

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Chanel Riva