September 8, 2010, 11:36:00 PM

Superstar Nail Lacquer - Teterboro Teal

Minor Layout change

Hi everyone! As you might have noticed: I changed the header a little bit. I really started to dislike the previous header I had, so I came up with this, hope you guys like it! Anyway, onto the polish!

Superstar Nail Lacquer

A while ago I received these polishes by a, new to me, brand called Superstar Nail Lacquer.

"Superstar colors are aptly named to compliment its moniker. Each color has a title reminiscent of all things fashion and fame. “We wanted attention-grabbing names that people could relate to. Since our company is named Superstar, we chose titles that would make our customers feel like a star. Who wouldn’t feel good about wearing, ‘It Girl Orange’ or Walk The Red Carpet?” said Ariana."

Superstar Nail Lacquer recently released their fall collection, which consists out of two parts: Play in the City and Party in the City. The polish you see here is called Teterboro Teal and belongs to the Party in the City collection. Woohoo, partayy!
I'm really falling for teal lately, to me teal is a truly intriguing color! So, imagine my excitement about this pretty thing. It's an awesome metallic teal that flashes a bit of green depending on the lighting. I love how glowy it can get while strutting around in the sun. Seriously, I can't get enough of polishes like these.


When I'm trying out new brands I'm always very curious to see what their application is like. And wow, this brand does not disappoint. The brush is very easy to handle and the polish just glided on, I used only 2 coats and I experienced no problems whatsoever. I wore this for four days without chips, which is pretty decent I'd say!

Matte tips

You might have seen my glossy tips on a matte polish a while ago? For this mani I decided to use China Glaze's Matte Magic to paint on some matte tips. I'm a sucker for subtle effects like these!

For more information please check the Superstar website. Superstar Nail Lacquers cost: 5 for $45 or $10 each.

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