July 3, 2010, 10:03:00 AM

Wicked Website: Wah Nails

Hi guys! This morning I wanted to share another great website with you: Wah Nails.


I once stumbled upon a great nail art design, turned out it was theirs and ever since I'm hooked! (The design I did.). This website belongs to a nail salon based in London, established in 2009. They do seriously incredible nail art and even Minx and Shellac. They also do work for Top Shop and work at events! How cool is that.
If you're someone that likes to get their nails done and you're in the area, I wouldn't hesitate for a bit and go see them.

Crazy inspiration

But, if you like to do your own nails, their website has tons and tons of inspiration. They post every creation on their site, I spent hours browsing in awe. The amazing (freehand!) designs they do are very creative and edgy, worth checking out for sure!

visit wah-nails.com