July 24, 2010, 12:05:00 PM

Protect your painted talons!

The solution to all your problems

We all get it sometimes: post manicure stress. We bang our freshly painted nails to the door, and we smudge our nail polish because we have to pee. Or the kitty strolls along leaving a trail of small hairs stuck to your nails. But not anymore! Yes, aren't you excited?! /end sarcasm. I got an email from Tina C. showing me this wicked invention, thank you Tina!

In all seriousness, would you find these handy? Oh well, who needs quick drying top coat anyway...

You can purchase these on eBay for next to nothing! I also stumbled upon interesting inventions like Nose Up and The Wonder Double Eye Lid Clipper, pretty hot eh?