July 8, 2010, 4:37:00 PM

Kiko 300 meets Nfu Oh 52!

flake it up

Remember my review on Kiko 300? I actually wore this for quite some time, and on the second day I decided to add a little bit of extra spark!
After debating what to do with it (so many polishes, nothing to wear!), I picked out Nfu Oh 52, fabulous flakies in a blurple jelly base. You definitely can wear #52 alone, but it requires about 4 layers to eliminate the evil VNL (visible nail line), so lazy as I am, I went with layering.

Mhmmm cherries...

When I got #52, I expected to get a more purple jelly base, but the more you build it up, the bluer it gets.
Not only do you get duochrome flakies that flash from green, teal to blue, there's also green microglitter serving as the cherry on top. Doesn't that just suck?

I have to admit the flakies got a bit lost in the picture, since the base was already teal-ish blue to begin with, but I think it sure makes a nice mermaid-y manicure. AND I promise hereby to post the Nfu Oh on it's own and layered over several other colors soon!

Got some great layering suggestions? Please share!

Well dear readers, this post has come to an end! I thank you all for stopping by and wish you a great day!
- Michèle