July 22, 2010, 9:00:00 AM

Every rose has its thorn..

I happened to stumble upon this interesting manicure! This manicure is created by Topolino, who is well known for this runway looks especially created for Alexander McQueen.

How they did it:

  • Take three roses and slice off their thorns with gardening shears. Be very careful, or you will bleed.
  • Paint each thorn a blood red, or whatever color you'll use for your manicure.
  • Paint your nails the same shade.
  • Take your nail polish and slick the bottom of the thorns with the brush, using it as "glue" for each thorn to stick on each nail.
  • Wait for it to dry

Mhmm, I doubt if they'd stay on, just like that. Obviously, you won't be needing brass knuckles anymore if you're sporting this look. It's definitely unique but it's not my style so I'd never wear it, I'm way too clumsy anyway and most likely I'll take out an eye or something.

Hot or not?

image and info credits: Nylon Magazine