May 28, 2010, 2:40:00 PM

How to: Ruffian Nails

Hi everyone! Today I'm writing about how to do a Ruffian. I've got this request from the lovely Natasja so here it is!
This manicure is created by Creative Nail Design (CND) especially for the NYFW Ruffian Fashion show. Since then everybody has been calling this manicure the Ruffian, or Ruffian inspired, manicure.
Although it has been around for a few months now, I still think it's hot! It's like the revamped funky french if you ask me.

I've seen different techniques on how to do this, but I do this in a very simple way. A lot of people use french tip guides or other stickers to create that curve, but I always make a huge mess when I even look at guides. I actually just apply the ruffian like I would with a normal manicure, I just start higher up.

I made pictures first but they all came out blurry, so I decided to draw them!

1. Start off with a clean nail, apply base coat.

2. Apply the base color of your choice. This is how I do it.

3. Place a drop of polish at the center of the nail, a bit above where you want to start the ruffian.

4. Carefully push the drop downwards, to where you want the ruffian to go.

5. Now move your brush upwards making a straight line till the end of the nail.

6. Go back to the base of the ruffian and swipe the polish along the curve of the nail.

7. Keep dragging the polish until the whole side of the nail is covered.

8. Repeat step 6, but do this on the other side of the nail.

9. Repeat step 7, but do this on the other side of the nail.

10. You're all done! Finish with a (quick drying) top coat.

Some other tips:

  • I would recommend only using 1 layer for the ruffian, otherwise it will look like it's really laying on top
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Don't choose a base color very close to your skintone, or it will look like you have a major gap.
  • If you think Ruffians are a bit too much you can always use 2 colors that are close or experiment with matte and glossy.

ManGlaze Ruffian manicure

Thanks so much for stopping by!
- Michèle