May 23, 2010, 2:33:00 AM

Essence - Rock it baby!

Hi everyone! As you might have noticed I made some minor changes to the blog! I had to make myself stop because I can seriously spend hours and hours searching for plugins and change this color and that font.. I've also added a 'reply to comment' feature, because replying in a text file was driving me bonkers, haha! Ok ok, enough of this talk!

Essence Rock it Baby! Rock It Baby belongs to the Colour & Go line, which consists out of tiny bottles in pretty colors. These polishes have the reputation of being one of the cheapest on the block, but a bottle only contains 5ml, for a price of €1.25. Still no biggy of course, just sayin'.

This color is awesome, a blurple with tiny pink and turquoise shimmer, that shows especially well in sunlight. Application was pretty good, considering it's Essence. It wasn't thick, and it didn't bubble, so consider 2 of my most common Essence problems tackled! I applied 3 coats, just for camera, 2 could work as well.

Another funny thing worth mentioning: the bottle claims "1 second per nail", so this mani was done in only 10 seconds, yay! Haha, riiiiight. Still head over heels with this color though, it's almost kicking my beloved All Access to the curb!

That's all for today, Thanks so much for stopping by!
- Michèle