March 9, 2010, 4:54:00 PM

Models Own - Green Tea - Spring nails!

Hi everyone! You must be thinking: Konad? What's that? Is this Lacquerized? She must be sick or something.. Ha well not exactly. Everyone that knows me, knows that normally I really don't care for Konad or any other nail art. Well, on me that is! I see lovely designs that I absolutely adore on others, and when I try it myself, it just doesn't feel right. Most of the times this is also caused by the fact I have to double stamp, I'm just no good at it!

But today, Michelle from The Lacquer Files talked me into it! On the Dutch boards we have a theme going on and it's spring! So it was time to dig up my flower again and do some stamping :-D. Luckily my mom is really into nail art so I confiscated some of her Konad stuff ;-). I picked out this leaf design, it's on one of those FauxNad plates (a20). I like these a lot because the patterns are a bit bigger, yay!

The base color I used is Green Tea by Models Own, and no matter what I tried, the real color won't show up on photos. It's a true green, with hardly any blue to it. The application was the best of all the Model Own polishes I've tried so far! Funnily enough, I thought this was going to dry like a jelly, but it dries matte. I've read several reviews on this color but I've never seen this mentioned, so imagine my surprise! I will make a blog post some other time showing you how pretty it is on its own, today the lighting just didn't feel like cooperating.

For stamping I used a mint green by Konad's special polish, unfortunately I can't find a number or name.

This was it for today, thanks you all so much for reading and I wish you a great day :-).