January 24, 2010, 1:26:00 PM

More Nfu Oh love - #51

Good morning! Is everyone enjoying their sunday? I hope so! I had a bad nail polish experience today already! I wore a turquoise color by the brand 2b, which I never heard of before, and as I thought the color was only so so, I wanted to remove this little bugger. And I have to say this is hands down the worst nail polish I've ever bought! The staining is ridiculous, my nails and fingers were blue. I never throw out nail polish, because that just seems so blasphemous, but this might be a solid candidate, ugh.

So after some soaking in pure acetone I decided I should give my nails something nice to wear after all the horror they went through. And when I say something nice, of course we're talking Nfu Oh's #51. This is probably the prettiest nail polish I'll ever own! Too bad it's half empty, so I really cherish it. I layered it over the most perfect purple ever: Viola Glitter by Collistar (will post about that one soon), and it's good to go!

What's your most favorite nail polish?