January 7, 2011, 2:47:00 PM

Quick Update

Sooo. I think I need to make a little update on my whereabouts. It all started out with my MacBook charger dying on me, so I was "offline" for over a month. I have to admit, during this time I actually enjoyed being offline and it put a lot of things in perspective really. I'm not one to write a dramatic post about how I'm quitting my blog, and then start blogging again. So I won't.

The thing is... I didn't really know what to do with this blog. So I put off writing this post for ages - sorry about that! There are some things that make me question my joy for blogging and they've got to do with the major changes the blogging community is going through. In The Netherlands we have several pro-bloggers, meaning they make their living off their blogs. That's great, but they also set up a bunch of rules a good or professional blogger should follow. Especially my Dutch readers picked up on that. But also in general, readers are getting more demanding as the blogging community grows bigger and more influental than ever before. Eventhough you're not a pro-blogger, people will have the same expectations.

I'm pretty nonconformistic, so I like to do the things my way. My blog started out for fun, to share a passion. And truth to be told, that's the way I prefer to blog. Becoming a professional blogger is not on my agenda. I don't like the pressure. That being said, I probably will update again, on my own terms and my own pace. Since I'm busy with work and finally getting my Bachelors degree at the same time, it won't happen as frequently as before. I'm asking you: please respect that, and don't give me a hard time about not updating frequently enough. Because honestly? There's more to life than blogging about nail polish.

I also like to grab this opportunity to say that there's no way I can know absolutely everything. For example: if you're wondering what the shipping will be from Canada to Germany, please just go through the checkout process to find out. I'd love to help everyone, but I simply don't have the time. I also have a FAQ, so please check it out before sending me an email. And for the people who are always trying to find and point out my flaws: I'm human, therefore not perfect. Deal with it.

So, this is what I had to get off my chest. I hope I didn't offend anyone, I just can't please everyone (even though I always try to). It was really heartwarming to see how many people messaged me wondering what was up. Thank you for that!

See you soon!