June 6, 2010, 7:07:00 PM

Matte vs Glossy Ideas

Konad M57 Matte Magic China Glaze H&M Moonless Night

Hi everyone! The weather is not playing along today, it's sooo dark that swatching is utterly useless. So that's why I came up with this little blogpost. Maybe you remember the above picture? I'm not a big nail art fan, but I'm a sucker for subtle stuff. I used a Konad image plate (M57) and stamped a top coat on a matte base, and I really liked the look of this combination.

You don't necessarily need Konad to combine matte and glossy, you'll only need a matte nail polish (or matte top coat) and a shiny top coat or clear polish.

more examples

I came up with some examples, that might be boring for many, but I'm eager to try out myself. If you've got some nice suggestions, please do share!

Matte base with glossy tip

Glossy base with matte tip

Moon mani on matte base

Moon mani on glossy base

Slim glossy tip on matte base

Glossy Ruffian on matte base

Diagonal half

Glossy dots with dotting tool on matte base

Glossy anchor, either stamp or freehand

Glossy stripes, with a striper on matte base

Of course the options are endless! And you can choose any color you wish!

Well dear readers, this was it for today, thanks for stopping by and enjoy the last day of the weekend!
- Michele